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Pandemic Protection and Prevention Kits for Individual, Family and Group use.

Prevent the spread of Ebola Virus, Bird Flu, Common Influenza and other contagious pathogens. Use 100% OSHA-approved products, from name-brand manufacturers like 3M, Dupont Tyvek, McKesson and Dynarex. Recommended for preventing the spread of pandemic and epidemic diseases. Virus Protection Respirators (Masks), Virus-Barrier Gloves, Bio-Hazard Suits, Virucidal hand and surface wipes, Isolation tents and other pandemic prevention supplies, sets and kits.

About Us

Heirloom Organics, LLC has been supplying American-made preparedness products since 1997, with the introduction of the original Survival Seed Vault series of preparedness seeds.

Today, Heirloom Organics is America’s number one supplier of long-term storage prepared, non-hybrid seeds and a leading supplier of preparedness products like Pandemic Protections Kits for the prevention of Ebola and other infectious diseases.

All Heirloom Organics products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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